When owning natural stone surfaces, there is the possibility of cracking. These cracks can transform a pristine countertop into weathered mess. Stone crack repairs can be a small but laborious task that requires a good amount of equipment and expertise to do it flawlessly.  

Here at Affordable Precision Granite and Marble, we are professionals in stone crack repair and identification. Crack repairs requires a polyester resin color matched to your stone to help make the countertop look like-new. Using the highest quality low viscosity epoxy to fully color match and bind the joints of the stone together.

We offer a list of services that when applied together can leave you with a countertop that looks like new :

  • Clean the crack with a wire brush and chisel
  • Blow out the debris with an air compressor
  • Stain epoxy to color match your surface
  • Fill the crack with Lamlock Infiltrating Crack Filler Epoxy
  • Scrape away excess
  • Patch to dry for 24hrs
  • And finally, they sand to blend the patch into the surrounding stone

Don’t stress yourself out with a tedious task like natural stone crack repair. When done professionally it can leave your surfaces looking brand new, but when bungled it can ruin a surface’s potential to add value to your house or business. Call Affordable Precision Granite and Marble at (239) 900-6255 and let us stress the details of delivering a repaired and rejuvenated natural stone surface. We proudly service Central to South FL.