Unsightly chips in your beautiful granite countertops can really detract from its allure. Natural stone countertops are beloved for their strength, but are not impervious to chips, especially when accidentally slamming heavy cast iron cookware around. Natural stone chips can weaken the integrity of the surface and require professional maintenance.

Affordable Precision Granite can provide that professional maintenance for all stone chip repairs with a lifetime guarantee. Nicholas Ruffini has the expertise to get the job done correctly and leave your counters looking better than new.

Some problems you may experience with chipped natural stone are:

  • Exposed raw material
  • Weakens integrity
  • Less resistant to decay
  • Susceptible to frost damage
  • And more

At Affordable Precision Granite, stone chip repairs involve using the finest epoxy to fill and mend chips restoring your countertops to the highest quality achievable. Call us today at (239) 900-6255, and get a stone chip repair that will leave your countertop looking better than when you first got it. We proudly serve Central to South FL.